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OK Pipe System

The OK pipe system is ideal for pneumatic and mechanical conveying and for ventilating applications in both farming and industry.


Applications range from the conveying of crops, waste paper, plastic granulates and sawdust to complete ventilation systems.

The simple and flexible pipe systems may be adjusted to suit any specific purpose, resulting in shorter conveying distances and therefore the most efficient and economical solutions.

Customized systems can be supplied - tailored to meet any specific requirement - whether for conveying or for ventilation.


  • Robust construction - made from galvanized sheet steel. The rolled pipe ends serve as reinforcements, maintaining the circular shape and ensuring tight joints.
  • Three pipe diameters
    The OK pipe system is available in three different diameters: OK100 (100 mm), OK160 (160 mm) and OK200 (200 mm). The dimensions refer to the outside pipe diameters.
  • Selection of wall thickness - OK standard, OKR reinforced and OKD extra reinforced (for gravity flow).
  • Full utilization of the air stream - continuous smooth inner surface of the pipeline giving gentle and efficient conveying, as well as maximum utilization of the air stream.
  • Modular pipe system
    Designed in modular form the OK pipe system comprises pipes, bends, branches, diverters, cyclones, outlets, etc.
  • Ease of Installation - using the unique OK quick release couplings. The wide choice of OK pipes and accessories ensures flexibility and ease of installation in existing buildings.
  • Temporary and permanent installations - Two types of OK couplings are available for temporary and permanent systems, respectively.
  • Saving floor space by wall or ceiling mounting - OK pipe supports permit wall and ceiling mounting, thus keeping clear valuable floor space in production premises or storage plants.
  • Economical in operation
    The OK couplings make maintenance and alterations easy tasks.
  • Modern technology, Competitive prices - The modern manufacturing technology together with the carefully devised modular design and the extensive use of standardized components ensures an efficient system at competitive prices.
  • Expertise and know-how
    Kongskilde has supplied pneumatic pipe systems for over forty years. Such experience, of course, adds greatly to knowledge and expertise in this field.


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Kongskilde OK Pipe System

  • Pneumatic conveying
    • OK - OKR
  • Exhaustion/Ventilation
    • OK
  • Downpipe system
    • OKD
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OK Pipe with Quick Release Clamp

30 degree 2-way Diverter Valve


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