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Combi-cleaner - DPC40

Improve grain quality and selling prices by cleaning your crop on farm with the highly efficient Kongskilde DPC40 Combi-cleaner.

The DPC40 is a combination Screen and Aspiration cleaner with a throughput of up to 40 tonnes per hour pre-cleaning. Realistically the machine can be expected to handle between 6 and 30 tonnes per hour removing small or foreign grain, subject to the type of grain and percentage of screenings.


Ideal for the pre-cleaning and screening of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Canola, Peas, Lupins and Beans, as well as for grading of malting barley and seed.


  • Compact design – The scalping screen is placed inside the main screening barrel resulting in a smaller physical size of the cleaner. This allows for easier installation.
  • Combined conveying of screenings. One single outlet handles all screenings. Segregation of screenings is available.
  • Choice of Drives – Electric, PTO, Engine, or Hydraulic.
  • Ease of setup - with simple adjustments.
  • Easy screen replacement - with self locking handles.
  • Economical – Low cost and low power requirement.
  • High capacity screen design.
  • Modular design – Choice of the base stationery unit or with the addition of several transport systems allowing the cleaner to be fitted to or added into your own custom designed cleaning operation.
  • Reduced dust levels - though the aspiration action (with all shields in place).
  • Safety – Fully enclosed safety shields.
  • Accessories – choice of added options available.
  • Selling Price: A cleaner sample commands a higher selling price.


The rotating barrel incorporates a set of 3 tapered internal screens for removal of large impurities (scalping), as well as the large diameter outer set of 2 screens for the removal of small impurities. Total screen area is 10.6 square metres. Cleaning of the outer screen is achieved through the use of a rotating brush assembly.

Once the sized grain has passed through the screens the Aspirator then removes the light impurities.

Screenings are augered into the blowline and can be blown into a Truck or Silo, or can be segregated if required.

Drive Systems

  • PTO drive - 540rpm.
  • Electric drive – 3 Phase.
  • Engine drive with electric start.
  • Hydraulic drive (allowing addition of hydraulic motors for augers).


Kongskilde has a comprehensive range of screens available to handle most grains. The design of the screens offers a large percentage of open space which in turn increases capacity. Screens are made from 1.0mm Galvanized Sheet. Please consult your supplier for more information.

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For further information, please contact us or visit the Kongskilde website

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DeVree DPC40


Drive System


Level Indicator


Rotary Cleaning Brush


Quick release locking Screen Latches


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