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High moisture is now a thing of the past with the introduction of Kongskilde Grain Driers.

ApplicationsKongskilde produces a variety of different types of Driers to match the requirements of the individual operation.

Kongskilde driers are suitable for drying of:

Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Maize, Peas, Beans, Canola, Linseed, Rice, including other free flowing crops.


  • Mixed Flow Principle – ensures a very gentle, homogeneous and economic drying.
  • Modular Design – allowing different combinations of sections to suit your capacity requirement. Easy to adapt to new or existing systems.
  • Easy installation – All parts are produced on a top modern production line, which ensures that all parts fit together, aiding installation and ensuring tight joints on the completed drier.
  • Ease of Operation – Simple adjustments.
  • Long Service Life – drying column made from galvanised steel sheets – suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Even Discharge – Metering pulse type swing gates on KRD, and Metering Rollers on KRD provide an even discharge.
  • Free Flowing – The drying column has smooth inside surfaces, minimising cleaning during operation and when changing varieties.
  • Few Movable Parts - giving long service life and minimal expense for service and spare parts.
  • Effective Ventilation - to keep the grain dry and of a high quality.


Kongskilde have 3 models to suit your operation.

KBD Batch Drier

The Kongskilde KBD Batch Drier is a compact design that ensures high performance at a low investment. Lateral ducts are tapered for the uniform distribution of drying air.

  • The Buffer Section on top of the drying column keeps the drying sections full when the grain shrinks during the drying process.
  • The Drying Sections have laterals in a pattern giving high volume airflow. This allows the KBD drier to have a high drying capacity and a reduced tendency for the uneven drying inherent in all batch driers.
  • Bottom Hopper has lateral ducts to dry grain in this part of the drier.
  • The Outlet has a manual sliding gate.
  • The Inlet Plenum Chamber with transition to blowers is standard.
  • Optional Extras – Outlet Plenum Chamber, Shutters for the air plenum.
  • Holding Capacity – 5.8 to 15.7Tonnes
  • Drying Capacity – 1.4 to 4.4 Tonnes / Hour

Note: Capacities based on reducing moisture content in Wheat from 19% to 15% at 60 deg C drying air.

KRD Recirculating Drier

Kongskilde KRD Recirculating Driers are wider than the KBD Batch Driers allowing larger capacities.

In KRD Recirculating Driers the grain is conveyed by an elevator from the bottom hopper to the top buffer. After a period of circulation in the drier the grain ends up with very uniform moisture content. This process, combined with a larger buffer section, reduces cracked grain and makes evaporation easy.


Grain is filled into the buffer section on top of the drier. The crop zigzags slowly through the drying column. A pulse discharger with swing gates in the discharge section control the velocity of grain through the drier. The discharger can be either manually operated or by electric motor. An elevator returns grain to the buffer section.

  • Holding Capacity – 11.4 to 30.0 Tonne
  • Drying Capacity – 6.3 to 20.3 Tonnes / Hour

Note: Capacities based on reducing moisture content in Wheat from 19% to 15% at 90 deg C drying air.

KCD Continuous Flow Drier

The Kongskilde KCD Continuous flow drier is designed to provide the best possible heat economy, and gentle drying and cooling of the crop in one continuous operation.


Grain is filled into the buffer section of the drier. The crop zigzags slowly through the drying sections, and then through the cooling section where it is cooled by natural air. In the discharge section metering rollers control the velocity giving a very uniform flow of the grain through the drier. For crops with higher moisture content a discharge unit with swing gates is recommended.

  • Drying Capacity – 7.8 to 25 Tonne / Hour

Note: Capacities based on reducing moisture content in Wheat from 19% to 15% at 90 deg C drying air.

The discharge units for KCD Continuous Flow Driers are fitted with an electric motor.

Optional Extras

  • Moist Air Plenum with duct – to divert moist and dusty air outside.
  • Extra Buffer Sections – for high moisture grains
  • Air flaps in the plenum to make drying of part full driers possible KBD & KRD).
  • Pulse discharger with heavy duty gearmotor for high yearly outputs (KRD).
  • Level Sensors in the buffer section and outlet hopper to prevent overflowing of the conveying system (KRD & KCD).
  • Blowers – Centrifugal & Axial
  • Heaters – Gas, Oil, Hot Water
  • Control Panels with automatic control.

Complete Drying Systems

Kongskilde is among the few companies that offer a complete programme of grain handling equipment for transport, cleaning, drying and storage.

Their experienced engineers can assist in system design to meet the individual customer needs.

Kongskilde also offers a wide range of Silos and On-floor Systems.

Continuous Flow Drier
Recirculating Drier
Batch Drier


For further information, please contact us or visit the Kongskilde website

Continuous Flow Drier
Recirculating Drier
Batch Drier


Tailor-made Systems


Axial Fan


Centrifugal Fans


Control Box


Gas Heater


Oil Heater



Customer Drawing from Kongskilde's Engineering department.


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