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Remove light impurities and increase your selling price with ease.


The pre-cleaner is ideal for the separation of light impurities from grain, maize, peas and beans.


  • Modular System – Pre-cleaner, fan, and air intake regulator are self contained units.
  • Flexible – Location of components based on your individual requirements or limitation of space. This allows the fan and regulator to be located at any point in the trash pipeline.
  • Ease of Setup – One simple adjustment on the air intake regulator. (The ideal position of the regulator is adjacent to the trash outlet so the effect of any adjustment can be observed).
  • Drive – Electric Motors are the most common form of drive. Both 240Volt-Single phase, and 480Volt-3 phase motors are available. Units can be supplied without a drive motor to allow the fitment of another type, such as a Hydro motor.
  • Efficient – Low initial cost and low power requirement.
  • Safety – No external drives.


4 sizes available to suit your operation.

  • KF12 – 12 tonne / hour
  • KF20 – 20 tonne / hour
  • KF40 – 40 tonne / hour
  • KF60 – 60 tonne / hour


  • Dust Cyclones
  • OK Piping systems
  • Drives


The uncleaned crop falls through an upward moving air stream, generated by the fan. Particles lighter than the crop are uplifted by this airflow and carried out through the trash outlet. The cleaned crop is discharged through the bottom outlet. Adjustment is made through a mechanical air regulator.

The addition of a trash cyclone is recommended.

Technical Data KF 12 KF 20 KF 40 KF 60
Max. capacity (barley), t/h 12 20 40 60
Motor output, kW (HP) 0,75 (1,0) 1,5 (2,0) 5,5 (7,5) 7,5 (10)
Motor speed, rpm 3.000 3.000 3.000 3.000
Weight (incl. of motor), kg 75 105 250 260
Motor form Standard flanged
Max. recommended pipe length from fan outlet *,m 25 (OK 160) 15 (OK 200) 15 (Ø 300) 15 (Ø 300)
*Horizontal, including two 90° bends and cyclone.
(Excessive length may reduce the cleaning efficiency)

Aspiration pre-cleaners

The aspiration pre-cleaners are typically used as secondary cleaner after drying and during out loading. They can also be used alone, but are less effective than the Kongskilde KF pre-cleaners.


The aspiration pre-cleaners FR 25 and FR 40 are used for removal of dust and light impurities in down pipe systems.


2 sizes available to suit your operation.

  • FR25 – 25 tonne / hour
  • FR40 – 40 tonne / hour

The FR40 is equipped with a FRL10 blower for removal of dust or a FRL20 blower for removal of light impurities.

Technical Data FR 25 FR 40
Fan FRL 10 FRL 10 FRL 12
Capacity *, t/h (max. 18% m.c.) 25 40 40
Motor output, kW (HP) 0,75 (1,0) 0,75 (1,0) 1,5 (2,0)
Motor speed, rpm 3.000 3.000 3.000
Motor form Standard, flanged
Weight (incl. of motor), kg 34 43 52

*The cleaning efficiency depends on the capacity. As the capacity increases, the rate of separation will fall.


For further information, please contact us or visit the Kongskilde website

High quality range of Kongskilde pre-cleaners:

  • Removal of light impurities
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Increases stability in storage
  • Reduces drying costs


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