Kongskilde was established 50 years ago as the mechanisation of agriculture began to gather speed. The first products were grain blowers and shortly afterwards, spring-tine harrows and heaters. These were products which at that time created new standards. Today, the three product groups still form the basis for a large part of Kongskilde’s activities.

Pneumatic conveying solutions have also been developed for the industry. This is a business area of great strategic importance to the development of Kongskilde.

Today, Kongskilde targets the development of combined solutions for industrial and agricultural tasks. It is crucially important to the development of the company that Kongskilde can offer methods and equipment which can fulfil recognised needs and provide customers with financial benefits.

During its 50 years, Kongskilde has developed into a worldwide group, with production facilities in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Finland and Canada. Kongskilde has own sales companies or is represented through local agents and importers on most markets worldwide.

Kongskilde is owned by a number of financially strong investors, which ensures a solid basis for the development of the company.

Grain Handling Systems

Kongskilde’s Grain Line programme includes conveying, cleaning, weighing, drying and storage equipment for a wide range of crops such as wheat, barley, oats, canola, maize, paddy rice, peas, beans, coffee beans and many others.

Kongskilde is known for its special competence in the development and production of equipment for the conveying, drying, storing and sorting of grain and other crops.

Heaters – Oil and Gas

The Kongskilde Group has over 25 years’ experience with all types of heating equipment. Our continuous product research process ensures that a safe, reliable range of heating equipment is made available to all our customers throughout the world.

Sound investment

Kongskilde has a long experience of production and supply of machines for agriculture and industry and is well known for its high quality.

De Vree Equipment Sales Pty Ltd are importers of the Kongskilde Grain Handling Range:

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Agricultural equipment

  • Soil Preparation
  • Grain Handling Systems
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Heaters


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