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Kongskilde Heaters are designed specifically to meet the highest quality and safety demands required by the market.


The Kongskilde Heaters are used for drying and heating working areas, drying and heating stables (pigs and poultry), heating workshops, greenhouses, party tents and drying different kinds of crop.

The Kongskilde Group has over 25 years’ experience with all types of heating equipment. Our continuous product research process ensures that a safe, reliable range of heating equipment is made available to all our customers throughout the world.


  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long working life

All heaters sold by the Kongskilde Group are individually tested at the factory, prior to distribution, to ensure both reliability and safety.


The Kongskilde mobile Heater range includes oil, gas, infra-red and electrical Heaters.

Oil Heaters
The Kongskilde oil Heaters are available as both direct fired and indirect fired Heaters.The direct fired Heaters are used in ventilated areas.The indirect fired Heaters are designed with a flue/chimney for discharge fumes.

Gas Heaters
The Kongskilde gas Heaters are available with manual and automatic ignition. The automatic gas Heaters are also made in stainless steel for particularly demanding environments.

Infra-red Heaters
The Kongskilde infra-red Heaters are designed to provide hot air where the heat provided is not affected by winds. This type of Heater is especially suited for outdoor use like construction areas.

Electrical Heaters
The Kongskilde electrical Heaters are designed for use in working areas, warehouses. They are easy to move around and they do not discharge any fumes.

The Kongskilde stationary Heater range consists of two versions; KS and FAST Stationary Heaters.

KS Stationary Heaters
KS can be delivered with oil, gas (also natural gas) and waste oil burners. The KS Heaters are used in industrial areas, workshops, showrooms and factories.

FAST Stationary Heaters
The FAST is delivered with an automatic oil burner and is especially used for workshops, small offices and smaller showrooms.


For further information, please contact us or visit the Kongskilde website

Range of Kongskilde heaters includes:

  • Direct Fired Oil Heaters
  • Indirect Fired Heaters
  • Gas Heaters
  • Electrical Heaters
  • Infra-red Heaters
  • Stationary Heaters


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