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Sund Raking Pick-up

Name your Crop.
Sund will always do the job!

Harvesting specialised crops has never been made easier.

Farmers around the world have come to realise the benefits of using this unique design. After more than forty years production and ongoing improvements, today's Sund Raking Pick-up still combines the features farmers want most - clean fields at an efficient operating cost.


  • Positive gentle picking action – even feeding.
  • Open tooth design – reducing dockage and shatter loss.
  • Widths up to 8.2M (27FT).
  • Fits on most Open Fronts – including Drapers (subject to lift capacity).
  • Hydraulic Drive.
  • Multi Use (Cost Effective) – one pick-up can cover several harvesting jobs.

The Sund will ensure a smooth, efficient harvest, whether it's Cereals, Canola, Peas or Beans. That's because Sund's clean, gentle picking action, along with our open tooth design allows dirt and damaging rocks to remain in the field where they belong.

This combination not only reduces dockage and shatter loss but reduces excessive wear and damage to one of the most expensive pieces of equipment on your farm - Your Combine Harvester.

What's more - the Sund Raking Pick-up can be fitted to most Open Fronts including Draper Fronts - with only the reel removed (subject to lift capacity).

Optional Extras

  • Coulter Kits – for Pea Harvesting.
  • Flexible Draper Mount – for reduced back feeding in very light crops.
  • Bean Rollers - for harvesting Beans.

Sund 600 Series Raking Pickup

Model Pick-up Width Weight
690 2.7m (9ft) 245kg (540lbs)
611 3.3m (11ft) 308kg (680lbs)
614 4.2m (14ft) 363kg (800lbs)
616 4.8m (16ft) 400kg (880lbs)
620 6.0m (20ft) 472kg (1040lbs)
622 6.7m (22ft) 508kg (1120lbs)

8.3m (27ft)

625kg (1375lbs)

Compliment your Sund with a Universal Header from Convey-All

Direct Harvesting System

A complete system that includes a Sund Raking pickup and a Universal Header.

The Universal Header has an optional fully screened pan to keep more dirt out of your combine. A solid pan is standard for canola and other small seed crops.


  • 3 Widths – 14Ft(4.25m), 22Ft(6.7m), & 30Ft(9.0m).
  • Adaptor Plates – for John Deere, Case, Gleaner, New Holland, Massey Ferguson.
  • Heavy Duty Frame Construction.
  • Heavy Duty Slip Clutch and Drive.
  • Large Diameter Auger – for uniform feeding
  • Screened Pan (optional) – for removal of dirt.

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For further information, please contact us

  • Cereals
  • Peas
  • Canola
  • Beans

A Sund Raking Pickup will put more beans and less dirt in the bin.

  • Reduced dockage, shelling and shattering!
  • Reduced harvest costs!
  • Picks beans directly out of cutter rows!


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